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Skills, Experience, Expertise & Leadership

FreshVision Consulting offers clients the intelligence and insight of nearly 20 years of high-calibre corporate expertise. No kidding: FVC’s head, Sharon Pearce, has spent almost two decades in companies like Coca-Cola and Standard Bank.


FVC is skilled in strategic partnering, business and people strategy, leadership, learning, integrated talent management, organisational effectiveness and change management.

But these are just words. Because without a real understanding of how companies work, how people think and how to ask the right questions, corporate vision can get cloudy, quickly.


Beyond that, a globalised world requires national, regional and international knowledge. Sharon’s had responsibility, both worldwide and across 55 African countries, for leading companies’ talent and capability agendas and for designing human capital strategies that are practical and fit for purpose.


Sharon’s also a well-known speaker on leadership, talent and learning, and a published author (as Sharon Boretti) on strategic partnering in Human Capital Trends: Building a Sustainable Organization. Her latest title is under construction.


Here’s what a recent client has said:

"Thank you for your design, facilitation, energy and leadership. [We had a] professional and extraordinary experience. You heard our needs and delivered to the brief and beyond…The day delivered to the business agenda in a powerful, transparent, relevant manner. Today we could already see that veterans of our company have a fresh new approach to the future.”

Coca-Cola Sabco

We believe in attracting the best. Integrated Talent Strategy

In the ideal world where all organisations have an integrated talent strategy process, HR can think through the company’s resource requirements with 5-10-year perspectives, and build necessary relationships and capabilities ahead of time.

Genuine all-in-one process facilitation & real behaviour change. Process Facilitation

Most development facilitators will promise learning programmes that are different. That go beyond stand-and-deliver; that take your people to a different place.

When pairing apples and pears, achieving the right balance can be tricky. Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions live or die based on people: specifically, having the right people in the right roles achieving the right results at the right time.

Helping you roadmap your success. HR Capability Building

HR is often criticised for the inability to have the right conversations – for pushing policy, process, spreadsheets and death by PowerPoint.