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Approach, Strategy, Philosophy and Social Investment


The FreshVision approach is high-touch, conversation-based, commercially-orientated, relevant and practical. What’s more, our methodology involves your business leaders in a way that achieves real results - beyond PowerPoint and fluff.

We also know Africa: an advantage for Pan-African organisations. From set-up to accelerating growth, emerging markets are our niche.

Forget consultants who come in and create dependencies – we’re willing to partner with whomever we need to, to create the right in-house capability. To transform transactional functions into functions that deliver simple, effective solutions that work way beyond our project’s parameters and end date.

Strategy Creation & Operationalisation

FreshVision Consulting is pretty flexible about most things. But there’s one thing we’re strict about: we will not agree to work in the absence of a business strategy. Because without one, people, processes and systems cannot hope to align.

If you have a business strategy, we’ll ensure that your people, processes and systems can deliver against it. If you don’t, we’ll create one alongside you.


Being competitive is about matching supply and demand, now and in the future. This is why it’s important to grow people with potential so that they can meet the emerging needs and demands of businesses, countries and continents.

At FreshVision Consulting we put our money where our mouth is, by helping people to build critical skills. We also support the talent in our country and Africa; for instance, we have career conversations with emerging leaders to ensure that the companies, countries and continents we’re so passionate about get better talent – ahead of demand.

We also channel 1% of our revenue to supporting identified learners with their education, to achieve the key experiences they need to build their careers.

We believe in attracting the best. Integrated Talent Strategy

In the ideal world where all organisations have an integrated talent strategy process, HR can think through the company’s resource requirements with 5-10-year perspectives, and build necessary relationships and capabilities ahead of time.

Genuine all-in-one process facilitation & real behaviour change. Process Facilitation

Most development facilitators will promise learning programmes that are different. That go beyond stand-and-deliver; that take your people to a different place.

When pairing apples and pears, achieving the right balance can be tricky. Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions live or die based on people: specifically, having the right people in the right roles achieving the right results at the right time.

Helping you roadmap your success. HR Capability Building

HR is often criticised for the inability to have the right conversations – for pushing policy, process, spreadsheets and death by PowerPoint.